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    Louboutins are redefining the “nude” pump— now available in five shades.  Great initiative!

    Thank you Christian Louboutin. 

    This is so important.

    Yes, thank you for making more shoes literally none of us will ever be able to afford.

    Fashion trickles down though. When a high-end designer like Christian Louboutin acknowledges that there should be variety in “nude” pumps, it will invariably be copied by cheaper and more accessible brands. This is a huge, positive thing.

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  2. fresheima:

    I love a good autumn outfit! And this skirt is swoon worthy! Have a lool at my blog for more info:


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  3. Necklaces by RubyRobinBoutique.

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  6. Zara Man + Topshop at Nordstrom

    She Recycles Fashion

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  7. hourglassandclass:

    Cute shot from girlwithcurves.com

    Check out my blog for more curves and body positivity :)

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  8. mensfashionworld:

    Justice Joslin by Doug Inglish for GQ Russia

  9. j-andre:

    Blazer: thrifted
    Shorts: forever 21 plus
    Tank: Old Navy
    Shoes: Target
    Bag: a Wet Seal

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Jeri0114
    Instagram: jeriannandre

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  10. All dressed in White.